Our Vision

"speak up for those who have no voice"-Prov. 31:8


The heart and mission of Freedom Fleur (flower) is to bring awareness to and freedom from the very real rape culture that exists. Our goal is to serve in our local community, across the United States and in India. Shreveport, La serves as the launch point for this mission.


Our goal at Freedom Fleur is to create lasting social change as it pertains to the value of women. We want to convey the love God has for them as women and their importance to the kingdom. We want to empower women who have had their voices taken away, as well as meet the physical and emotional needs of women who struggle in silence with the long-term effects of sexual violence.

We will provide Christian mentoring, empowerment seminars, and secure avenues for which women can come to know freedom.

The avenues include:

·  Private group sessions

·  One-on-one mentoring

·  Anonymous sharing through website and app(coming soon).


Kirstie Fleur Horton
Founder, Mentor

Founder and creator Kirstie Fleur Horton

Founder and creator Kirstie Fleur Horton